Entrance to the Muli Congress. Entrance for nationals 300,000 COP ( Colombian Pesos). Students 150,000(COP). Entrance for international Visitors 200 USD. Once the payments is done and confirmed an email will be sent confirming that you are registered. If you have any doubts communicate to Soportesoportecnico@fundiberarte.org






First international congress about color environments for life in the context of the third Muli international Biennial about muralism and public art of Colombia 2016.

September 7-10, 2016

Centro Cultural de Cali

Adress: Carrera 5 #6 – 05


On the context of the third Muli international biennial and with the objective of generating a space for dialogue, integration and reflection; The Muli, the ORBIS foundation and the municipal committee of territories (TIO), focusing on environments for life from the Cali Municipality, will be Hosting the first international congress about color environments for life, that is going to take place in Cali, Colombia. The event will go from the 7th to the 10th of September 2016.




The Congress will reenact a scenario to visualize different re-signification actions that transform the relationship between the territory and the community, in order to promote Environments for life as an intersectoral social responsibility solution. Additionally, the congress will identify people and institutions that qualify to promote different environments that are healthy, sustainable, secure, civic, inclusive and opportunity-generators. These environments are the base or the mobilizer pillar for the transformation solution.


Color and aesthetic leave a mark throughout time as well as a settlement on the territory on a medium and long term. This generates social processes that affect the behavior of a community towards any territory. It is not only for an aesthetic narrative but for the social transformation process that is knitted around the embellishment of the habitat. This can be called results rather than aesthetics, waiting to obtain certain social benefits like a better relationship between neighbors, sense of belongingness, pride towards the territory, healthy and clean households, construction of inclusive spaces, continual improvement of experiential processes focused on activation, development of the Orange economy as an alternative to economic development and growth of the region.

The Congress will host forums, papers and experiences from different disciplines. People will find art, economy, health, political science, cultural management, anthropology, social responsibility, and architecture. This is intended to generate academic, political and social reflection with an open and intersectoral dialogue that will help to generate future partnerships, networks, and projects between governmental institutions as well as non-governmental, public and private institutions from the region with national and international projection.



Generate a space of recognition, reflection, and dialogue about the intersectoral social labor directed to the re-signification of territories through color and aesthetic. Promoting environments for life, as part of a process of social self-construction and identifying successful practices that serve as models of social innovation on a national and international level.


The Congress will be open to public functionaries, civil organizations, museums, biennials, university professors, police force, social responsibility managers, peace and reconciliation promoters as well as experts in different disciplines like artists, curators, urbanists, cultural promoters, anthropologists, social workers, sociologists and finally any person interested.


There will be conferences, panels, dialogues and field trips that will help accomplish the Congress’ objective.

  • Conferences: 45 minutes of exposition and 15 minutes of public interaction.

  • Panels: maximum of 4 panelists, 10 minutes of intervention for each of them and finally, 20 minutes of interaction with the public and the moderator.

  • Field trips on action territories.



  • CITY: Territorial re-signification through color and aesthetic

  • Resilience in territories through color and art

  • Opportunity generation with sustainable development

  • Art as detonator to the transformation and impact of social behavior


Registration is online, follow the link http://museolibre.org/bienal/congreso-muli/

Registration fee:

  • Registration fee for representatives of international institutions: 200 USD

  • Registration fee for representatives of national institutions: $300,000 COP (Colombian pesos)

  • Registration fee for students of national institutions: $ 150.000 COP (Colombian Pesos)





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