We don’t bring people to the museum, we bring the museum to the people’



The International Biennial of Muralism and Public Art is an event of Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia and takes place on a biannual basis and is held  in Santiago de Cali. The event lasts 10 days in which interventions are performed simultaneously in different places of the city with a tourist and social approach. In the same way the creation of art works, free expositions and conferences about art, integration of public and private sector, schools and universities and cultural institutions and the people of Cali. For this event around 70 national and international artists representing different currents of public art murals and on different continents are held. Techniques that are managed for the development of the works are: sgraffito, painting, printmaking, installation, mosaic, Street art, sculpture, performance and photography.



Develop new audiences for the plastic arts

Encourage the beautification of the city and improving the environment for territories.

Promote human and artistic capital of Colombia, nationally and internationally

 Repair the social fabric through reflection generated art.

Encourage civic culture promoting “CALI a destination with purpose.”

The Biennial comprises important factors like:

1.       Live Art: national and international artists are called to be invited to participate for 10 days developing artistic works in open spaces to the public in 10 simultaneous locations. These works will be part of the museum collection and will be exhibited in the pavilions of the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia.

2.      Educational Component: we have  developed conferences, workshops, and talks given by the artists participating to the public with different academic approaches. In this year we will have the ‘MULI congress’ to exchange and share knowledge, experiences, and points of view between students, experts and specialists from more than 15 different countries with a group of 300 participants which include urban, artistic, cultural and social issues.

3.      Performance experience for the viewer: The live experience is important for the development of new audiences. Let the viewer interact with the work and the artist’s creation is part of our commitment to teach how to feel through the arts.  Interactive and dynamic activities will be held in different parts of the city to raise awareness of the senses through the experience.

4.      Exhibitions: Works created by artists will form new pavilions and the inauguration is an experience after  the creation of the work. We will have a schedule of exhibitions in various halls of the Museum with workshops and conferences in different parts of the city.

The Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia is a private, non-profit institution, open to the public in a permanent way. It investigates, documents, interprets, communicates, narrates, exhibits and preserves material and immaterial testimonies of public art, recognizing the cultural, economic and social diversity of the communities, as it promotes the principles of democratic access to information and knowledge through participation and constant dialogue with the public; with clear social orientation, building tissue through arts as a repairing and transforming mean of the individual and the community. Also, the constant search for the Resignification of the identified territories to improve the appropriation of public space not only from  the physical space but from the human relationship.

For this event around 70 national and international artists representing different currents of mural painting and public art on different continents are called. Techniques that are managed for the development of the works are: sgraffito, painting, printmaking, installation, mosaic, Street art, sculpture, performance and photography


The first edition of the Biennial was in 2012. This edition left us a collection of 48 art works in different techniques for the artistic and cultural patrimony of the city. All this was possible due to the  meeting of 46 nationals and internationals artists. The artists through muralism left their mark on different areas of the Valle del Cauca capital



For the second edition of the biennial, 500 artists registered from April to September, when the inscriptions closed. 96 artists took part of this version in 2014. Each  of the participants presented their techniques in one proposal related with the thematic ‘Reconciliation mythology’ providing 61 new art works for the cultural patrimony of Cali. These art works were donated to the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia for the creation of 24 pavilions around the city constituting Cali as an Open Skies Museum.



Bienal Internacional Muli



Nowadays,  45.000 Colombian artists agonize in their profession due to a clear public absence.In addition, we have alienated cities  with invisible monuments that are in front our eyes. Due to this,  the museum wants through a ‘transmedia strategy’  the articulation between public space  and community  through  art. The Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia is an open skies modern museum who looks for the resignification and the recomposition of the social fabric awakening emotions with a systemic strategy; In order to  generate encounter territories, trust territories and solidary territories with a human approach. The International Biennial of Muralism and Public Art of Colombia in their two last versions has managed the integration of worldwide artists to the local art dynamics with the participation of 150 artists from 17 different countries and techniques creating links with the viewer. Today the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia receives about 3.600.000 visits in only 5 of our 40 40 pavilions monthly. ‘We don’t bring people to the museum, we bring the museum to the people’. We want to generate different detonators that allow our visitors to experience and interact with the city in a different way. Come to visit the museum and discover the city through our pavilions.


Terminos y Condiciones  convocatoria Nacional
Terminos y Condiciones Nacionales en el Exterior
Terminos y Condiciones convocatoria Internacional




We are an initiative that encompasses many social dimensions seeking to be replicated and strengthened through the acquisition of new experiences. Each transmitted experience allows us to demonstrate the advantages of creating communication channels and make  our cultural management visible to the world that promotes unity among all beings. As part of the change process within our society, we are implementing collective reparative actions that energize  feelings through different art and culture referents. We want to continue giving an example of the advantages of building paths with our loved ones and demonstrate we all have the same desire for peace and a better life for everyone who lives in this world, even with our differences. We see the Free Museum of Public Art as a replicated model for other cities and we want recognition of our museum as a social factor who educates, builds sensitizes y creates social nature models. The Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia is a project with a national and international projection that is trying to unify our feelings as well as thoughts and motivations of the world. As a restoring mean of the social fabric. We understand the link between beings as a form 




We quantified and qualified our work for accountability to the city and Mayor Rodrigo Guerrero. Perhaps one of the most satisfactory achievement was overcoming the crisis in the first two years and the strengthening our institutionality. We achieved a solid foundation where we are building our pillars in marketing, research and patronage with a pioneering and innovative vision. We also have the recognition of the Ministry of Culture through a museum strengthening program as an example nationally. Internationally we were invited to be part of the International Biennial Association to participate in the General Assembly in the UAE in February 2015. We won the second place in ‘Civic award for a better city’ and we have an strategic alliance with the interinstitutional space who be part is the Municipal COTSA (Consejo territorial de Salud Ambiental).

The recovery of  specific violent areas (Poblado II and commune 20 areas) as invisible borders and the posterior artistic intervention with members of these communities to transform this places in spaces for development, sport and cultural development, achieving lower rates of violence -according to Cali’s police reports-. Also, improve the quality of life and transform social memory through artistic reflection. Similarly, we are part of the network of museums MUVAC.

For more information: http://museolibre.org/impacto-social

3,600,000 visits in 5 of our 42 pavilions.


400 plastered facades.



21,000 M2 ART



First Club SMART mosaic in the commune 20

12,500 children




1500 WOMEN

400 people armed conflict (victims and people in reintegration process)

1150 direct jobs

2000 indirect jobs

first 18 jobs.

21 interdisciplinary practices.

12 advisories for school papers.

2 university exchanges with the Universita Degli Studi Di Bergamo.

We have made alliances with:




But especially linseeds with the community in different territories.



We’re part of the International Biennial Association –IBA and we were invited to the General Assembly in the UAE in February 2015. We won the second place in ‘Civic award for a better city’ in Cali, and we have been invited to share the experience in other municipalities as yumbo, Medellin, and Bogota. In addition to presentations at universities and events in the municipality. We have had visitors from Washington, Italy, Spain, Medellin, among others. We are a case study of different national and regional university disciplines. This active participation has allowed us to visualize the social work currently performed by our country, replicate every function of Free Museum and feedback our knowledge through the exchange of new experiences.