Terms and Conditions International Call


This is the international call for 10 international artists to participate in the Third International Biennial of Muralism and Public Art 2016. This call will open since January the 27 until April the 30, 2016. The third version of The Biennial will be in Cali, Colombia from the 7 to 14 September in this year.

Who we are?

The Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia, is a private non-profit institution that is open to the public in a permanent way. It investigates, documents, interprets, communicates, narrates, exhibit and preserves material and immaterial testimonies of public art, recognizing the cultural, economic and social diversity of the communities. In the same way,  it promotes the principles of democratic access to information and knowledge through participation and  constant dialogue with the public; with clear social orientation, building tissue through plastic arts as a means of repairing and transforming  the individual and the community, as well as the constant search for territory resignification identified to improve the appropriation of the public space not only from the physical space but from the human relationship.

We are a museal institution of open skies that documents, investigates, narrates, exhibits and preserves different expressions of public art through a transmedia strategy for resignifying the territory to strengthen the social fabric

The free Museum of Public Art of Colombia will be positioned in the year 2020, nationally and internationally, as a museal international model of open skies which serves as a social articulator and visualizer of the territorial characteristics of Cali.


The International Biennial of Muralism and Public Art is an event hosted by the  Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia that takes place on a biannual basis at Santiago de Cali. The event lasts 7 days, also there are going to be different interventions that are being held simultaneously in different parts of the city with a touristic and social approach. Here you can see Art creation, conferences and open expositions that are open to the public for free; Integrating the private and public sector, cultural and educational institutions and finally the community. For this event, we invited approximately 70 national and international artists that represent different muralism and public art currents. These artworks are donated to the Free Public art Museum to conform the pavilions around the city, Making Cali an outdoor museum accessible to everyone. ” we don’t take people to the museum, we take the museum to the people.” This initiative goes along with the municipal development plan by which it seeks that through public art and enrichment of cultural heritage, people can get involved in the collective construction of a diverse and multicultural image for the city.

The Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia is an entity that promotes Human and Artistic capital from Colombia. The Museum wants that artists have the opportunity to expand their knowledge by learning from other artists, techniques and different currents of international public art. For the Biennial the national and internationally artists are called, also Colombian artists living abroad and representatives of the contemporary arts who have dedicated their entire lives to plastic arts. The artists that participate in the Biennial are chosen through a public call to be part of the International Biennial of Muralism and Public Art 2016.

The last two versions of the Biennial  had the participation of artists from Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, United States, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Holland, United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. Each one of them, Through muralism, has left their mark in the city of Cali. Showing diversity of thoughts and the manifestation of each culture to our realities.

The Biennial have as inclusion policy.

  • Participation of 72 artists. 40 nationals. 30 Internationals and 2 Colombians abroad.
  • Presence of artists from 5 continents represented in at least 15 different countries.
  • Artistic participation of the 6 regions of Colombia of which 20 artists from Valle del Cauca and 20 from the rest of Colombia with a presence of at least 15 departments.
  • The selection of artists is made through a  public call by an interdisciplinary committee and some highly recognized artists who are invited directly.
  • Understanding the diversity of the public, where not everyone is moved with the same type of art, current, technical and thematic, the Biennial want to develop as  politic thematic diversity, nature, woman, abstract, etc. and applies techniques in contemporary art as Sgraffito, painting, printmaking, installation, Mosaic, Art Street, sculpture, performance, photography and foodArt.


  • Develop new audiences for plastic arts dynamizing  the art market so artists can  live decently from their work.
  • Encourage the beautification of the city and improving the environment by territories.
  • Promote the human and artistic capital of Colombia, nationally and internationally generating spaces where artists have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of other artists learning their techniques and different streams of international public art.
  • Repair the social tissue through the reflection that is generated through art.
  • Encourage civic culture promoting “CALI a destination with purpose.”


The Free Museum of Public art of Colombia invites artist collectives, independent artists, and independent self-managed or international autonomous spaces to participate in the international call for the selection of 10 art proposals so they can  be part of the 3rd International Biennial in representation of their country. This curated project will be held in the city of Santiago de Cali from 7th to 14th of September, 2016 and will result in the creation of 70 murals in 12 simultaneous parts of the city with the participation of 40 local artists, 30 international artists, and 2 abroad Colombian artists. Overall, we will have  the participation of 15 countries and 15 departments of our country.

The selection of artists that will conform  the Biennial will be made by a suitable curatorial committee, which will be released along with the names of the selected artists once the process is completed. The committee will have freedom and autonomy to invite artists and groups outside the context of the call if they consider it necessary for the success of the event. Artists who participate in the public call need to get half plus one of the votes of the curatorial committee to pass the final selection.

Note that the call will be made exclusively via  Internet and will be open only from January 27th to August 30, 2016.


  • All international artists.
  • Be over-age according to the respective country normativity. However, the participant has to be over 18 years old
  • Having artistic experience of at least 5 years.


  • National artists.
  • Minors (under 18 years old)
  • Have less artistic experience to 5 years.
  • All those who participated in the Second International Biennial Mural and Public Art in 2014.
  • Those who does not fill out the entire form online correctly
    Those missing the veracity of the information submitted

Requirements for registration:

The registration process can be made on January 27, at 8:00 am, until April 30 at 22:50 Colombian time. The registration will be open through this website: International Call. This process will only take place on the website during the stablished dates in this document. It’s necessary to fill out the entire form online, besides read carefully the terms and conditions established for the participation and agree with the required information, accepting to donate the work done in the framework of the Biennial, and authorizing the Free Museum of Art Public of Colombia to use your personal information for promotion of the event and the work before, during and after the event.


  • Registration for the 3rd version of the Biennial will cost 20 USD which must be paid to gain access to the registration form. After the cancellation of the value of the form, the applicant will receive an email confirming the payment which will also include your username and password, this will allow you to access the presentation of its proposal. This email may take maximum two days to reach considering that it will only be sent once the payment is confirmed. Once the applicant receives username and password, you can begin the presentation of the proposal through the registration form.
  • The registration form is divided into 4 modules. A) Personal information, B) Studies and artist experience with expositions, C) Publications and awards, D) 5 photos of the most important previous work.
  • Develop pre-sketch to scale according to specifications chosen type of mural inspired reflection on the copper reflection Consciousness Consciousness Vs disability to heal the soul.
  • Images must be proactive and positive. Violent or suggestive images of features that go against morality and ethics will not be accepted.
  • Must submit project description which may not exceed 200 words.
    Includes at least one photo of the sketch and a picture of a work where the applicant artist has applied the technique to be used.
  • Include a scanned copy of your Passport or ID (both sides of the card).
    All images must be in jpg, jpeg, png or gif format and must be greater than 300 KB and must not exceed 1MB.
  • Applicants must accept the terms and the terms of the regulation of the call and any clarification or modification thereof
    The participant must accept the authorization form using their personal data.


  • Artist Groups may submit for nomination under a collective name, however, a named member artist must be nominated to represent the group at the curatorial committee and the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia. The Artist agrees to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this notice.
    The Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia reserves the right to cancel the participation of any artist who has been initially accepted, should it be found that any information supplied by the participant is false, or does not meet the requirements and conditions to participate.
  • The Artist agrees to comply with the ruling issued by the curatorial selection committee. Since the selection criterion is autonomous, the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia will not issue, under any circumstances, verbal explanations, written or by any means regarding the reasons and decisions taken by the curatorial committee.
  • The Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia will supervise and ensure the proper development and support for the works for the Biennial.
  • f the artist wishes to change the agreed design sketches, He/she must discuss and agree directly with the committee.
  • The curatorial committee will evaluate the application of each of the submissions to the call. According to this evaluation, the committee makes a preselection process to make a first round where the proposal needs to get half the votes plus one. For the final selection,   there will be a consensus within the committee and finally 10 international proposals will be  chosen, If the vote fails to select 10 proposals, the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia reserves the right to invite international artists and groups of artists outside the context of the call, if it is considered necessary for participation in the event. The results will be recorded in a signed report left by the curatorial committee official record books of the Museum.
  • The listings will be publicly announced on July 30, 2016, on the website www.museolibre.org

The selected artists must accept the location assigned for your art project by Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia, which may not be modified



  • The organization will provide  air or ground transportation resources from their home town to the city of Cali and back to the city starting at the dates of the event, covering accommodation, food, and materials required for the development of mural.
    The museum will disclose the artists personal information and trajectory through the official website and social networks.
  •   Recognition through social media to the selected artists to disseminating their work.
  • we will give the deserved recognition to the selected artists as a mean to transmit their work
  • The museum will include creation within collections and will disseminate the work and the artist as part of the missionary strategies of the institution.
  • The Institution will provide ID and a shirt to the selected artist to participate in the biennial.
  • The artist will receive a certificate acknowledging the participation in the event.
  • the artist will have the opportunity to be part of an exposition of individual work done within the event framework with three artworks, one of the three artworks will be donated to the museum. You can do This only if you ae interested.
  • The institution ensures the logistics and organization of the event.
  • The artist may submit to the committee a presentation that will be included in the conference that will be held  in the framework of the Biennale or other institutions that the museum considers appropriate for the proper development of the event.

participation rules:

  • The artists will accept the results of the international call.
  • The artists will attend the event at the agreed dates and will participate actively in all of the event activities.
  • Once accepted the invitation to attend the event and ticket costs generated by the organizers, the artist agrees to attend and perform in full the construction of the wall during the event program according to the approved sketch
  • The Artist agrees to accept the conditions of food, lodging, transportation and materials provided by the museum during the development of the Biennial which are provided at its discretion and budgetary possibilities
  • The Artist agrees to donate the mural or work to the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia, to ensure the preservation, dissemination, and promotion of the work.
    The Artist must bring, tools, brushes and other special items he or she deems necessary to carry out the work
  • The Artist agrees to allow the use of his or her image in photographs inside by the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia for promoting the event through official websites, social networks and media communication nationally and internationally.
    The Artist will accept the decision of the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia in allotting the place designated for the mural as part of the event.
  • The Artist will give to the Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia the rights to take images and photographies  of the mural works and the surrounding event for advertising and promotional purposes of the event and the museum without time limit.
  • The selected Artists may not under any circumstances sell the works.
  • The Artists must refrain from using images of corporate companies different from the official sponsors of the event.
  • The artist can make an agreement royalties for the use of the image of the mural art-object, if you wish to contribute their own benefit and to support the ‘Mecenazgo’ program led by the museum.
  • International artists must submit to the institution ‘asiscard’ and process the necessary visas for Colombia for participation at the event. This is necessary to proceed with the purchase of the plane ticket.
  • The costs of visas, entry and exit taxes on quota, overweight, asiscard, are paid by the artists. The institution is not responsible in any way for them.
  • Once selected to participate in the event the Artist must make adjustments to the preliminary sketch to present the final design taking into account the specific site allotted for the work no later than 30 days after the announcement.
    Participating Artists may not conduct different activities during the event program with any other institutions, organizations, or activities other than those designated by the Free Museum of Public Art Of Colombia without prior authorisation from the museum.
  • If the Artist requires any additional materials this request must be submitted within a period of 30 days. The Museum will supply the selected materials for this work. However, The museum will confirm if it is in capacity to supply the materials
  • Participants authorize the use of their personal image, the publication of information and photos of the works provided for the call, which will be used in the pages of the museum, press releases, book and other publications that are within the Museum strategy  for promotion in social networks and other spaces that the museum sees fit indefinitely. On the other hand, the artist must report whether to use a pseudonym to maintain their original identity anonymous

COMMITMENTS of the free museum of public art of Colombia.

  • Ensure the security and the conversation of the murals.
  • The museum is not responsible for damages caused to the murals by circumstances of force majeure
  • .The museum will have all permits intervention in public space.
    According to the budget the museum will provide food, lodging, air transportation and materials for the development of the Biennale. This coverage will be detailed later in separately and which must be accepted by the selected entrant document.
    The institution reserves the right to choose the presentations offered by artists to be managed in Biennial
  • The museum promotes through their official websites and social networks to selected artists and the murals painted during the event as part of the museum’s collection
    The museum designates the appropriate place for each artist according to his proposal of intervention in the mural.
  • The museum includes the donated works in their sistem of art colections and the software ‘Colombian Collections’ managed by the Ministry of Culture.
    The preparation of walls made previously.
  • The distribution of artists in the halls is done previously
  • The institution shall publish not less than 8 days before the locations for all participants
  • The museum reserves the right to provide additional materials required, previously agreeing with the artist, to look for solutions and possibilities in search of a good and appropriate intervention of the mural.
  • The Museum will provide the following materials:
  • See complete Lists.


  • The intervention may be two-dimensional or three-dimensional.
  • Timing of intervention: fleeting, permanent or temporary, movement or rotation. It should stipulate in the proposal.
  • Theme: inspired reflection on the conscience and consciousness, to heal the soul disability “(see Annex) expressed through: Abstract, Women, Nature, Calligraphy, Classical Mythology, Politics
  • Category or technique: Collage, Drawing, Installation, Mosaic, New Media, painting, performance, Resin, FoodArt, photography, printmaking, sculpture, Engraved, Video, Art Street or any other proposal that is within the scope of intervention in public space.
  • Style: Pop Art, Street Art / Street, Expressionism, Figurative, Folk, Photorealism, Illustration, Impressionism, Minimalism, Modernism, Realism, Portrait, Surrealism.
    Recommendations of the image.
  • Considering the historic violent events in Caly due to the armed conflict and drug trafficking. We recommend not to create violent or bloody works that  show aggression or guns explicitly. We invited creative artists to make use of positive pictures inviting to transformation and reflection as practices of conciliation and mutual reflection.

We appreciate your interest in this international call and expect you to be an active part of it.


Carolina Jaramillo
Executive Director.
Free Museum of Public Art of Colombia.