The event will be an exchange and encounter opportunity between national and international artists who participate through the Biennials by sharing points of view, experiences and feelings about issues and city projects at the same time who build cultural heritage. Across topics as WOMAN, ABSTRACT, NATURE OR CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY, the artists can interact with the audience with the artistic proposal for raise awareness and consciousness in the viewer of each of the human senses recognizing them as a tool to heal SOUL DISABILITY.

For the dream of a country in reconciliation, we need a strengthened soul society. The human being has over 20 senses that arise from the body and being; The Third International Biennial of Muralism and Public Art wants to generate experiential detonators who stimulate the viewer.


You are free to choose the technique and style which will do the work, considering that the techniques involved are:

Collage, food art, drawing, installation, mosaic, new media, painting, performance, resin, photography, prints, sculpture, sgraffito, video and others;

and the styles are:

Pop Art, Urban Art Street, Expressionism, Figurative, Folk, Photorealism, Illustration, Impressionism, Minimalism, Modernism, Realism, Portrait, Surrealism.




The measurements of the spaces are on standard panels (3×5 meters, 5×3 meters, 6.1 x 2.44 meters, 1.22 x 7.3 meters)

or bridge,


roof or ladder,

bright Dummis 1.21×1.77 meters, sculptures up to 5 meters height.

For installations is reviewed according to the proposal submitted by the artist. According to its artistic proposal, we look for the ideal space for your work.